The town of San Fabian in Pangasinan consists of remote schools where few information resources are available, with little or no access to the internet and rely solely on the limited books in the libraries.

The DOST- Pangasinan S&T Center Satellite Office has favorably attended to Pangulong Marcos Elementary School and Binday National High School located in the remote barangays of San Fabian in the deployment of Science and Technology Academic-Research Based Openly Operated KioskS otherwise known as STARBOOKS, a virtual library in a box that can be used without the Internet connection.

Students in the remote areas are known to be diligent in pursuit of knowledge. They get excited in introducing innovations to them. The students from the two schools were interested to know what the STARBOOKS can offer. They were shown that the STARBOOKS present a compilation of research materials, scientific journals, educational and livelihood videos from local and foreign resources. They raised questions on how they can use and secure their own account comparing it to Facebook account. They started to give their favorite topics in Science and eager to watch the instructional videos.

The students look forward on researching and maximizing the use of the STARBOOKS. Leah Delig, a Grade 10 student said, “The computer shop where I can do my research is far from here. Now, with the STARBOOKS I can spend my time researching here in school since it is always open for us students.”

The teachers expressed how thankful they are to be granted with their request on STARBOOKS as it will greatly help in creating interest of the students in the field of science and technology.

Mr. James Prepose, the focal person of DOST-1 in the STARBOOKS project encouraged the students to give feedback or comments using their accounts for its continuing improvement.