Assistant Secretary and Program Manager for Countryside Development Dr. Urdujah A. Tejada commended several projects assisted by the Department of Science and Technology in her visit on March 16, 2016.

Among the DOST– Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program(SETUP) beneficiaries visited include Barangay Machine Works, Long Live Pharma, Philgerma Manufacturing, Inc., and Bella’s Calasiao Puto and Pasalubong Center.

In her dialogue with the owner of Philgerma Manufacturing, she emphasized that there were no hassles in the productions. Moreover, the firm cited several batches of trained welders, machine operators and foundry technicians being sent to Japan, Austrilia, Canada and Middle East.

On the other hand, Mr. Racky Doctor, owner of LongLive Pharma showed its production area for products namely Rimo Curls, Rimo Blend, Momsie, Go&Grow, Brown Rice Fruity Bar, Nutri-Bite and Iron Fortified Rice.

Through these, ASEC Tejada singled out the firm’s exemplary cooperation in the implementation of proper control of operation and production. She also emphasized the importance of Iron Fortified Rice where she suggested that the company must join in the SETUP forum for the adaptation of Iron fortified rice for the community especially the children.

In a related development, Bella’s Calasiao Puto and Pasalubong Center was much-admired because of its very fast production of “puto” in different flavors.

ASEC Tejada moreover, noted to grab the opportunities provided by the DOST to ensure that science is felt not only by them but for every Filipino.