The eighth episode of “Agyamanak DOST: Makabayang Iskolar Ako!” webinar series tackled the life and experiences of a former DOST Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) scholar that served as a bucket of hope and wisdom to aspiring and on-going scholars of our nation together with an underlying theme, “Integribong solusyon tungo sa kaunlaran sa akademya at reporma sa edukasyon,” on July 14, 2021, via Facebook live platform.

Ms. Ma. Daisy Demoni-Sison, DOST-SEI scholar-graduate and the Supervising Science Research Specialist under Science and Technology (S&T) Scholarship Division of DOST-SEI, shared her inspiring experiences as a DOST-SEI scholar where she developed a sense of great responsibility and commitment to serve the community. She also shared fruitful stories on how she balanced her stipend, an allowance given to scholars, provided by the DOST-SEI Scholarship, for students to have a better outlook on delving into saving and investing.

As a Makabayang Iskolar, she mentioned that academic perceptions alone will not shape us in becoming greater individuals but through added experiences and challenges will make us effective nation-builders of today’s generation. She also added, there is education outside the four walls of our classroom.

Ms. Daisy also discussed the latest updates on S&T Undergraduate and Junior Level Scholarship programs. She expressed her gratitude to the management for taking care of everyone’s safety during these trying times. The agency continued to conduct health and wellness webinars as an effective tool for employees to continue providing quality services to its clients and most especially to the scholars. The Scholarship E-Application was also established with the help of data science and data analytics to assist students and potential scholars.

As for the 2020 Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Qualifiers, it will be announced on July 25, 2021, on DOST-SEI website and it will be published on national newspapers. For the 2021 S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Qualifiers, it will be announced in August 2021. The next application for the 2021 JLSS Scholarships will open in August to October 2021 and the 2022 S&T Undergraduate Scholarships will open in September to November 2021. For the Grade 12 students, one of the requirements will be the Form 137 and for those who will apply on JLSS, collated grades in the first two years of college will be submitted.

During the DOSTv report, Hon. Fortunato de la Peña, Secretary of DOST asked Ms. Daisy about her wish for S&T in the Philippines to which she answered, “I hope there will be added opportunities for researches and to produce more talented and scholar graduates.”

The biggest responsibility of the scholars is to study well that will prepare them to bigger challenges and by giving back to their community, look around, share awareness, and encourage people to be one like them.

“Do not lose focus on why you went to University and why you are applying for the scholarship because you want to enroll in a course that you want to pursue. You have to study hard, study well, stay on track and graduate on time.”

Congratulations to our Makabayang Iskolars!

(by Thea Mitzi G. So, Project Assistant I, DOST-1)