Calamansi is a popular fruit variety in the Philippines. It's typically used to sour foods, juices, or purees. Calamansi processing is one method of increasing the value of calamansi, especially if it is not sold in the market.

The Pangasinan State University - DOST 1 Food Innovation Center (PSU-DOST 1 FIC), together with Department of Trade Industry - Pangasinan held a Calamansi Processing Training entitled “Skills Training: Calamansi Processing” at Bayambang, Pangasinan on September 1, 2022.

The program aimed to educate and impart skills to the participants on calamansi processing. The training is composed of a lecture and demonstration of calamansi juice, concentrated calamansi juice, and spray dried calamansi powder.

The participants included the Pangasinan Entrepreneurs Development Association Incorporated (PEDAI) members and other business owners all throughout the province of Pangasinan.

Dr. Wilma De Vera, Center Head of PSU-DOST 1 FIC, warmly gave the opening remarks to kick off the program and inspire the participants.

Ms. Meryl Bernardino, MS Graduate Fellow and PSU-DOST 1 FIC researcher, discussed about the process of turning the calamansi into calamansi juice and concentrate that can be marketed with high quality and safety.

On the other hand, Assoc. Prof. Veronica Austria, Chair of the BTLED, took the role in the processing laboratory by demonstrating the process of making calamansi juice and concentrate with the help of the participants. Mr. Ricardo Velasco, the FIC machine operator, demonstrated one way of preserving the calamansi extract by spray-drying technology in the production of calamansi powder.

The participants assured that they will adopt the processes and technology, which will surely help them increase their opportunities in the food industry.