Organizational Structure

The DOST is headed by a Secretary who is appointed by the President to exercise authority and responsibility for the mandate, and for supervision and control of the Department. The Secretary is assisted by three(3) Undersecretaries for: (a) Research and Development, (b) Regional Operations, and (c) Science and Technology Services - who also have supervision over the Institutes under their respective areas of responsibility. The Secretary is also assisted by four (4) Assistant Secretaries for: (a) Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, (b) Finance, Administrative and Legal Affairs, (c) Strategic Plans and Programs, and (d)Technology Transfer.

The Department has four (4) Staff Services, namely: (a) Administrative and Legal Service which provides the Department with services relating to personnel, records, property procurement and management, collection, disbursement, archiving, general services, and legal matters; (b) Financial and Management Service which provides advice and assistance on budgetary, financial and management improvement matters; (c) Internal Audit Service which assists the management in achieving efficient and effective fiscal administration and performance of its affairs and functions; and (d) Planning and Evaluation Service which provides services relating to policy development and planning, program coordination and monitoring, and S&T resource assessment and evaluation matters.

DOST is composed of the following councils and agencies :

  1. Three (3) sectoral planning councils responsible for: formulating policies, plans, programs, projects and strategies for S&T development; for programming and allocating funds; for monitoring of research and development projects; and for generating external funds.
  2. Seven (7) research and development institutes concerned with basic and applied researches on various fields.
  3. Eight (8) S&T service institutes rendering science and technology-related services.
  4. Two (2) collegial bodies with mandated functions of assistance, recognition, advisory and establishment of international linkages.
  5. Sixteen (16) Regional Offices headed by a Regional Director and seventy-nine (79) Provincial S&T Centers (PSTCs) manned by PSTC Officers. The Regional Directors are under the supervision of the Undersecretary for Regional Operations. As per DOST Administrative Order No. 002 Series of 1989 (Annex 008), the DOST Regional Offices serve as focal points for the planning and implementation of S&T programs and projects in their respective regions in consonance with the national S&T Plan. They provide S&T services to the local populace and coordinate with other government agencies and other stakeholders on S&T matters.

The Provincial S&T Centers (PSTCs) were created through Republic Act No. 6959 on July 31, 1990, which lead to the establishment of PSTCs in every province of the country attached under the Regional Offices.

Below is the organizational structure of DOST Regional Office No. I:

DOST 1 Org Chart


 PSTO IN Org Chart

 PSTO IS Org Chart

 PSTO LU Org Chart

 PSTO Pang Org Chart